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The 1S 3.7V 120 mAh Gens Ace 15C LiPo batteries with Nine Eagle type plug are used in various small remote controlled helicopters, especially in many of the Chinese brands and not only in Nine Eagle’s models. Gens Ace’s LiPo batteries have so far shown very good results in our tests, so we have high expectations for this battery as well as it could turn out to be a good upgrade option over the original LiPo batteries that may have inflated discharge ratings sold by the companies that make RC helicopters. As you can see this Gens Ace battery does not have a very high discharge rating at only 15C constant and 30C burst, but unlike many other Chinese LiPo batteries we’ve seen Gens Ace’s batteries to actually meet these specs in actual conditions.

Official Battery Specifications:

– Capacity: 120mAh
– Voltage: 3.7V
– Max Continuous Discharge: 15C (1.8A)
– Max Burst Discharge: 30C (3.6A)
– Weight: 3.9 g
– Dimensions: 48.16×12.16×5.08 mm
– Discharge Plug: NINE EAGLE Type
– Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max


We have started the tests with a 1C discharge rate (0.12A) for the 1S 3.7V 120 mAh Gens Ace 15C LiPo battery and we’ve managed to get 130 mAh as a maximum capacity, a value that is a bit over the rated capacity of 120 mAh and that is definitely a good thing. Increasing the constant current discharge load at 5C, 10C and even 15C and the battery still manages to perform great, meeting the manufacturers specifications. In fact we suspect that even at 20C constant current discharge rate this battery will still manage to handle pretty well judging by the results we are getting from it. So great job with this battery as well for Gens Ace, a company that is continuing to build up a very good reputation for its battery products made for remote controlled models – planes, helicopters, cars, boats etc.

The performance of the 1S 3.7V 120 mAh Gens Ace 15C LiPo Battery in our tests:

– 130 mAh at 0.12A load (1.0C)
– 116 mAh at 0.6A load (5.0C)
– 115 mAh at 1.2A load (10.0C)
– 111 mAh at 1.8A load (15.0C)