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Here is a table with results of 9V Alkaline batteries that we have tested so far, click on a header row to sort the list by it, click on the battery name to see the detailed test for the particular model of battery that we did. By default the test results are sorted with the highest capacity in mAh first, going down to the lowest capacity in the end.

Battery 0.05A Load Test (mAh) 0.05A Load Test (Wh)
9V Q-Lite Alkaline Battery 466 mAh 3.540 Wh
9V Maxell Alkaline Battery 432 mAh 3.251 Wh
9V GP Ultra Alkaline Battery 319 mAh 2.373 Wh
9V Sony Ultra Super Carbon Zinc Battery 151 mAh 0.998 Wh
9V Duracell Alkaline Battery 311 mAh 2.300 Wh
9V Toshiba Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc Battery 4 mAh 0.030 Wh
9V Duracell Procell Alkaline Battery 245 mAh 1.812 Wh
9V Fujicell Alkaline Battery 398 mAh 2.954 Wh
9V Varta High Energy Alkaline Battery 258 mAh 1.895 Wh
9V Energizer Industrial Alkaline Battery 380 mAh 2.816 Wh
9V Energizer Alkaline Battery 456 mAh 3.418 Wh
9V IKEA Alkalisk Alkaline Battery 492 mAh 3.744 Wh

We are going to be updating the list with results in the future as we are able to test more batteries of the same type, so that it would be easier to compare and choose the ones with best capacity for your use case, or just to help you get a better understanding on what to expect from a specific battery.