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The 1.2V AA 2700 mAh Sanyo Superlattice Alloy EVO NiMH batteries (model HR-3U) we test here are from the traditional NiMH type and not the newer Low Self Discharge (LSD) NiMHs even though Sanyo is also making LSD batteries and is considered as one of the top names for Rechargeable batteries. The NiMH batteries from Sanyo we are testing here are rated as 2700 mAh (that is the typical capacity and 2500 mAh minimum) and that is one of the highest capacity NiMH batteries on the market currently available. What we are expecting from these Sanyo NiMH batteries is to actually provide the said capacity and not behave like some unknown brands making batteries that are marked with very high capacities of over 3000 mAh, but hardly capable of delivering even half of that capacity. What is the most interesting thing here for these Sanyo NiMH batteries, besides their high capacity, is that they are rated as capable of handing very high loads such as 2C (two times their capacity or 5.4A) while till providing very good capacity.


We started the tests of the 1.2V AA 2700 mAh Sanyo Superlattice Alloy EVO NiMH batteries with a constant current discharge rate of 0.2A and they were able to provide us with 2527 mAh or a bit over the minimum rated capacity, and at a lower discharge rate they should be able to get closer to 2700 mAh. The important thing here is that Sanyo has a proper rating for these batteries, nothing less than what we have expected from them anyway. Furthermore these batteries are able to handle high current loads very well as you can see even at 2A constant current load they provide close to 1900 mAh capacity. So in overall the 1.2V AA 2700 mAh Sanyo Superlattice Alloy EVO NiMH are very good rechargeable batteries that are suitable equally well for use in applications requiring either low or high current load. They however excel at providing great capacity with very high loads.

The performance of the 1.2V AA 2700 mAh Sanyo NiMH Batteries in our tests:

– 2527 mAh at 0.2A load
– 2498 mAh at 0.5A load
– 2338 mAh at 1.0A load
– 1868 mAh at 2.0A load

– 3.141 Wh at 0.2A load
– 3.002 Wh at 0.5A load
– 2.664 Wh at 1.0A load
– 1.949 Wh at 2.0A load

Download the specifications of the Sanyo HR-3U 2700 mAh NiMH batteries


The 1.2V AA 1050 mAh GP EkoPower NiMH batteries we test here are the traditional NiMH type (not LSD ones) and are of quite low capacity for a rechargeable battery. The fact that these NiMH batteries are rated at only 1050 mAh makes it clear why that capacity is not written with large letters, but you need to take some time to actually find where it is written. These GP EkoPower batteries are rated at up to 1000 recharge cycles which is still a plus even though they will be offering significantly less capacity than a standard Alkaline battery per charge.


We started the tests of the 1.2V AA 1050 mAh GP EkoPower NiMH batteries with a constant current discharge rate of 0.2A (200 miliampers) and they were able to provide us with just 991 mAh disappointing us a bit as they are supposed to provide 1050 mAh typical capacity. On the other hand the overall low capacity of these batteries may be the reason why the do not handle that well with 0.2A constant current load, it is possible that they will perform better in a low current drain situations. Also going up to 2A constant current load these batteries were clearly not capable of handling such high loads of about twice the battery capacity. So if you have these batteries you should stick to using them only in devices with low power requirements, what we can say is that we were not very satisfied with what we got from the 1.2V AA 1050 mAh GP EkoPower NiMH batteries.

The performance of the 1.2V AA 1050 mAh GP EkoPower NiMH Batteries in our tests:

– 991 mAh at 0.2A load
– 910 mAh at 0.5A load
– 747 mAh at 1.0A load
– 12 mAh at 2.0A load

– 1.205 Wh at 0.2A load
– 1.043 Wh at 0.5A load
– 0.798 Wh at 1.0A load
– 0.012 Wh at 2.0A load


The 1.5V AA Q-Lite Alkaline batteries we test here are rated with up to 3 years shelf life and are marked for use up to 03-2016. The Q-Lite Industrial’s website does not have detailed specifications about these batteries, so we have to check them out by testing the actual capacity we can get with different constant current loads.


Starting with the power profile test of the 1.5V AA Q-Lite Alkaline batteries we can see that they can handle pretty high loads before reaching the cutoff voltage of 1V that we are using for our tests. We’ve managed to reach up to 1.5A current draw before the batteries hit the cutoff voltage and values over 1 Amp are not that common to find with alkaline batteries, so these batteries are handling quite well. The open circuit voltage of the 1.5V AA Q-Lite Alkaline batteries we tested was 1.62V, though of course that value decreases when the battery is under load.


Time to move on to the constant current draw tests we are performing. Starting with a 0.1A constant current load tests for the 1.5V Q-Lite Alkaline batteries we got 2219 mAh capacity which we consider to be very good. Going for 0.2A constant current draw form the batteries the useful capacity you can expect is 1873 mAh and going even higher the useful capacity gets a bit less than in half at 0.5A and 1.0A load as compared to the previous rate. Nevertheless the 1.5V AA Q-Lite Alkaline batteries still manage to perform very well even under higher constant current draw rates, though as usual for such cases we would still recommend to go for rechargeable NiMH batteries instead.

The performance of the 1.5V AA Q-Lite Alkaline Batteries in our tests:

– 2219 mAh at 0.1A load
– 1873 mAh at 0.2A load
– 1062 mAh at 0.5A load
– 482 mAh at 1.0A load

– 2.763 Wh at 0.1A load
– 2.257 Wh at 0.2A load
– 1.219 Wh at 0.5A load
– 0.532 Wh at 1.0A load