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The company GP Batteries is a pretty old and popular name when talking about batteries, but they also started making power banks with the advent of this new product category and they already have a umber of products available. Here we are testing one of their smaller capacity models – the 5000 mAh GP Portable Power Bank (FP05M) that looks and feels nice in terms of design and functionality and specs wise seems promising. It has an aluminum body, a convenient LED indicator for remaining capacity and support for 2.0A charging input and 2.1A charging output.

5000 mAh GP Portable Power Bank (FP05M) Specifications:
– Battery Type: Li-Polymer battery 3.7V 5000mAh
– Input current: 2A
– Output current: 2.1A
– Number of outputs: 1
– Size: 120 x 66 x 13 mm
– Weight: 165 grams (approx.)
– Operation Temperature: 5C ~ 40C
– Recharging time: 5 hours (approx.)

With the 5000 mAh GP Portable Power Bank (FP05M) we have performed our usual 1.0A and 2.1A constant current load tests and you can see the results on the discharge graph above. It is interesting to note the interesting jagged pattern of the discharge cure for both currents we have tested with the electronics of the power bank apparently trying to keep the output voltage closer to the 5V, so the output Wattage would not drop more even though the mAh capacity might still seem higher as we have seen on some other products. We are seeing good results under 1.0A and especially good under 2.1A load for a 5000 mAh power bank, so good job for GP Batteries for this device.

The performance of the 5000 mAh GP Portable Power Bank in our tests:

– 3023 mAh at 1.0A load
– 2896 mAh at 2.1A load

– 15.05 Wh at 1.0A load
– 14.02 Wh at 2.1A load

The Xiaomi Mi power banks are a popular affordable and good looking choice for mobile USB power banks, so much that they even get their own knockoffs with cheaper built and looking and worse performing variants from other Chinese companies. Here we have an earlier version of the Mi Power Bank 2 model number PLM10ZM that is a bit thicker than the latest version, but other than that should be very similar in performance and features like the newer thinner version that we are soon also reviewing here. With this model Xiaomi has managed to provide you with a decent capacity of 5000 mAh in a slim and lightweight package with great looks and an attractive price. Slim yet sturdy aluminum case with a number of safety features built into the electronics as well as power check button with LED indicator lights and USB charging connector with 2A input for faster charging time and USB port with output current of maximum 2.1A.

5000 mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 (PLM10ZM) Specifications:

– Battery type: Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable cell
– Input Voltage: DC 5.0V
– Output Voltage: DC 5.1V
– Input current: 2000mA (TYP)
– Output current: 2100mA (TYP)
– Rated capacity: 3.7V / 5000 mAh / 18.5 Wh (TYP)
– Charging time: 3.5 hrs with 5V/2A plug and standard cable
– Size: 127 * 68.9 * 10.7mm
– Load detection: Auto-detects device plug-in/plug-out
– Safety: Supports protection from over-voltage (input and output), over-current (input and output), short circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, and battery Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)
– Out of power protection: Awake once plugged to the charger
– Charging temperature: 0C-45C (TYP)
– Discharging temperature: Initial -20C~+60C (TYP)
– Weight: 156g

With the 5000 mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 (PLM10ZM) we have performed our usual 1.0A and 2.0A constant current load tests and you can see the results on the discharge graph above. At 1.0A discharge load we get a stable output voltage of about 4.93V and a little over 3300 mAh usable capacity and this is quite good and confirms the minimum 3300 mAh actual output claimed by Xiaomi for this product. At the higher 2.0A constant current discharge however things do not look as good for this power bank, because not only the output voltage is lower, but it also fluctuates a lot as you can see between 4.5V and 4.68V resulting in significantly lower Wh output for the battery at higher load. Hopefully this has been addressed in the newer slimmer version of the power bank and this is something we are hoping to confirm soon as we kind of expected better performance at 2A loads.

The performance of the 5000 mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 (PLM10ZM) in our tests:

– 3306 mAh at 1.0A load
– 2921 mAh at 2.0A load

– 16.30 Wh at 1.0A load
– 13.50 Wh at 2.0A load