The 1.5V AA Toshiba E-Power batteries are Carbon-Zinc primary batteries and are the third model in Toshiba’s line of such batteries. According to the manufacturer these batteries are supposed to provide 25% improved performance vs Heavy Duty line and while we still haven’t tested the standard 1.5V AA Toshiba Heavy Duty batteries, we have tested the Super Heavy Duty model, so we could compare these to the E-Power series of Carbon-Zinc products. Just a reminder, the Zinc batteries do offer shorter shelf life and lower capacity and are not suitable for high load applications as compared to the Alkaline primary batteries. The Toshiba E-Power batteries we tested here were with an expiration date 05-2015.


Time for the tests to start for the 1.5V AA Toshiba E-Power batteries beginning with a low constant current discharge rate of 0.1A and the result we got was 731 mAh as capacity. This is a decent result for a Carbon-Zinc batteries, but compared to the Toshiba Super Heavy Duty batteries the E-Power does provide less useable capacity. Increasing the load to 0.2A and the E-Power still does pretty good, though at 0.5A the performance is not that good already and 1.0A proves to be too much. As expected these batteries do perform well, but are nothing special even for Zinc batteries. They are suitable for low load applications, but not for high load ones where you should definitely consider either good Alkaline batteries or even NiMH batteries.

The performance of the 1.5V AA Toshiba E-Power batteries in our tests:

– 731 mAh at 0.1A load
– 516 mAh at 0.2A load
– 199 mAh at 0.5A load
– 36 mAh at 1.0A load

– 0.874 Wh at 0.1A load
– 0.589 Wh at 0.2A load
– 0.207 Wh at 0.5A load
– 0.036 Wh at 1.0A load


The 1.2V AA 2400 mAh Powerex Imedion NiMH batteries are of the Low Self Discharge Type (LSD NiMH) and are considered to be among the best high capacity and high performance LSD NiMH batteries by many, competing with the like of Sanyo Eneloop for example. These batteries are rated at 2400 mAh typical and 2250 mAh minimum guaranteed capacity and the fact that they are LSD means they are supposed to loose not more than 15% of their capacity per year of storage. They also come pre-charged and can be recharged up to 1000 times. But let us see how good will they perform in our tests and see if they will manage to hold up to their reputation well or not.


Starting the tests of the 1.2V AA 2400 mAh Powerex Imedion NiMH batteries with a low constant current discharge rate of 0.2A got us 2414 mAh as or with other words we are getting a bit over the typical capacity that they are rated at, so a good start. Increasing the load to 0.5A these batteries still manage to provide capacity higher than their minimum rating of 2250 mAh, so more good results here. And going with even higher constant current loads of 1.0A and 2.0A we are still seeing very good results in terms of useable capacity. So in short, meeting their rating and providing more than good results in both low and high load applications and while not as good as Sanyo Eneloop XX in terms of capacity they are also a bit cheaper than the Eneloops. Anyway, these batteries are very good for what they are rated at and for their price, so you cannot go wrong getting them.

The performance of the 1.2V AA 2400 mAh Powerex Imedion NiMH batteries in our tests:

– 2414 mAh at 0.2A load
– 2283 mAh at 0.5A load
– 2168 mAh at 1.0A load
– 1917 mAh at 2.0A load

– 3.002 Wh at 0.2A load
– 2.781 Wh at 0.5A load
– 2.535 Wh at 1.0A load
– 2.099 Wh at 2.0A load


The 1.5V AA AgfaPhoto Alkaline Power batteries are from a German brand associated with Photography, though the batteries produced under that brand are a licensed product, nevertheless we are interested to see how well they will perform in our tests. According to AgfaPhoto their Alkaline batteries are supposed to offer long-lasting dependable power to thirsty everyday devices such as toys, torches, electronic games and more. The batteries we got for testing here were with an expiration date of 01-2016, so they are probably not so fresh with a possible shelf life of about 4-5 years as couldn’t find exact data about this.


Time for the tests to start for the 1.5V AA AgfaPhoto Alkaline Power batteries beginning with a low constant current discharge rate of 0.1A and the result we got was 2441 mAh as capacity is actually quite impressive considering that the batteries have probably been produced close to two years ago or possibly more even close to three years ago. This result is better than that of a more recently produced Duracell Copper Top battery and places the AgfaPhoto in about the middle of out Top 10 AA Alkaline batteries for load load applications. Thought the capacity we are getting from the batteries with increased loads is not that serious, probably due to the fact that they were not so freshly produced. Anyway, we are seeing really promising results here from the AgfaPhoto batteries and we are going to look for a newer production to repeat the test and see if we are going to get better results, but even with these batteries we still get quite good results in terms of usable capacity both for lower and higher load applications.

The performance of the 1.5V AA AgfaPhoto Alkaline Power batteries in our tests:

– 2441 mAh at 0.1A load
– 1753 mAh at 0.2A load
– 1024 mAh at 0.5A load
– 419 mAh at 1.0A load

– 2.995 Wh at 0.1A load
– 2.079 Wh at 0.2A load
– 1.166 Wh at 0.5A load
– 0.459 Wh at 1.0A load