Mobile USB Power Banks

The mobile USB power banks are a newer category of useful accessories for our every day as they are able to provide us with charging capabilities on the go, ether for our smartphone, smartwatch, or just about any kind of a mobile gadget that we carry around with us and use that may need some extra power while we are traveling or just going somewhere and. The power banks do come in many sizes and capacities, but what is the most common thing about them is that they provide you with a 5V standard USB output with 1A or maybe more where you can plug in your mobile device and charge it on the go. Just like having a charger in your pocket or a bag that can save you from your phone’s battery dying exactly when you need it the most. There are however a lot of different things to consider about a power bank and they are not always what the manufacturer says they can offer or deliver, so we re going to be testing a number of such devices and report what you can actually expect to get from them. The most important thing to know is that a mobile USB power bank rated at 10000 mAh for example will not give you 10 Ah charge for your mobile device, it will be less, it is just the battery inside the device that has this capacity, but the actual output will be lower due to the specifics of how these devices function… something that we are also going to be explaining in more details.

List of Mobile USB Power Banks we’ve tested so far: