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On the internet there is a lot of talk about the standard Duracell Copper Top Alkaline batteries and the Duracell Procell Alkaline batteries intended for business and industrial use. You can find some claims that both are essentially the same battery, just with different packaging, however since we’ve tested both types of these we can confirm that there is slight difference between them. The Duracell Procell Alkaline batteries are indeed a bit better by providing a bit more capacity under the same conditions, so they are not the same as the standard Copper Top batteries that the company offers to consumers.


You can see that at low current drain the difference is just about 9% at 0.1A in favor of the Procell model, however as the current draw increases the gap continues to increase and the Procell batteries are able to deliver more – 15% at 0.2A, 18.5% at 0.5A and going to 1A the difference in useable capacity you get goes to a bit more than 17%. So the 1.5V AA Duracell Copper Top Alkaline batteries are clearly not as good as their Procell counterparts…

Duracell – Copper Top – Procell
0.1A load – 2348 mAh – 2557 mAh
0.2A load – 1808 mAh – 2120 mAh
0.5A load – 1050 mAh – 1287 mAh
1.0A load –   506 mAh –   619 mAh

In the end if you can get Duracell Procell and you really need the better capacity they provide along with the supposedly better performance in more extreme operating conditions (we still need to check that as well) and they do not come at a significantly higher price compared to the standard Duracell Copper Top Alkaline batteries you should go for the Procell ones.