9V Duracell Industrial vs Expiring 9V Duracell Industrial Alkaline Batteries

22 Mar

We have recently tested 9V Duracell Industrial Alkaline Battery and surprisingly managed to find another one that is at the end of it’s shelf life this month. That was a good opportunity to compare a fresher 9V Duracell Industrial battery with one that is and the end of its expiration date and see what is the change in capacity you can expect to get with the 9V Duracell Industrial batteries compared to a battery that is at around half of its shelf life.

We were quite pleasantly surprised by the result we got, at a little over 300 mAh for a battery that should be considered expired in a couple of days and would normally be discarded and thrown away. This is just less than 15% lower capacity than that of a 3 years fresher 9V Duracell Industrial alkaline battery, so do not be in a hurry to throw away alkaline batteries that are near their end of life if you still have not used them as they may actually have more to offer than what you expect. Of course it is also very important under what conditions they were stored, because if not properly stored they could actually end up completely discharged even before the end of their expiration date!

Duracell – Fresher Industrial – Expiring Industrial
0.05A load – 347 mAh – 303 mAh
0.05A load – 2.562 Wh – 2.191 mAh

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