9V Duracell Industrial Alkaline Battery Test

21 Mar

The industrial by Duracell batteries are designed and packaged for wholesale and professional trade customers and are providing high quantities of dependable batteries at a cost-effective price according to Duracell. They are supposed to be delivering long-lasting power across a range of professional applications, capable of operating in temperatures from -20°C to 54°C and offer reliable performance, even after seven years of storage. So you should not be expecting the highest performance out of these and you should also be careful when picking up a larger quantity that the batteries are from a fresher batch. The one we received and are going to be testing here is with an expiration date March 2022, so not the freshest one out there if it has a 7 year life, but even with 5 years we still get only 3 more years, so again be careful with that.

Our test of the 9V Duracell Industrial Alkaline battery are at a constant current discharge rate of 0.05A (50 milliamps) and we have managed to get 347 mAh usable capacity in the test. That result puts it around the middle of the results we ave seen so far in our 9V alkaline battery tests, though a fresher battery should be able to get you some more capacity… most likely as the storage conditions are also important and not just the remaining shelf life for an alkaline battery. Our tests of other Industrial alkaline batteries are showing that they are usually around the mid-range of usable capacity compared to other regular alkaline batteries.

The performance of the 9V Duracell Industrial Alkaline batteries in our tests:

– 347 mAh at 0.05A load

– 2.562 Wh at 0.05A load

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