1S 3.7V 300 mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech 45C LiPo Battery Tests

4 Dec


The 1S 3.7V 300 mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech 45C LiPo batteries are designed for use with small scale RC helicopters such as Blade mCPX and other similar models such as WLtoys v922 or Turnigy FBL100 and others. These are intended for a direct replacement with higher capacity and a much higher discharge rates (at least in terms of written specs). The Turnigy brand from Hobby King usually comes at very attractive prices and very good ratings, though we are used to seeing the batteries actually not performing as good as their specs say they should, so our expectations here are to see lower discharge rates than advertised.

Official Battery Specifications:

– Capacity: 300mAh
– Voltage: 1S1P / 1 Cell / 3.7V
– Discharge: 45C Constant
– Discharge: 90C Burst
– Weight: 8g
– Dimensions: 44x6x17mm
– Discharge Plug: E-Flight Ultra Micro


We have started the tests with a 1C discharge rate (0.3A) for the 1S 3.7V 300 mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech 45C LiPo battery and we’ve managed to get 320 mAh as a maximum capacity, or a bit over the manufacturer rating for this battery or with other words a pleasant surprise for a start. Increasing the constant current load further to 5C, 10C, 15C and even 20C and the battery still manages to provide capacity close to its manufacturer rating. At 25C discharge it is still handing Ok and offers decent capacity, but at 30C we see that it is already too much for the battery to handle and the rating is 45C as a constant discharge rate for the battery. The actual rating for these batteries for constant current discharge should be more like 25C and not 45C, but the capacity at the real discharge rates that the battery can handle are quite good.

The performance of the 1S 3.7V 300 mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech 45C LiPo battery in our tests:

– 320 mAh at 0.3A load (1C)
– 300 mAh at 1.5A load (5C)
– 299 mAh at 3.0A load (10C)
– 292 mAh at 4.5A load (15C)
– 279 mAh at 6.0A load (20C)
– 193 mAh at 7.5A load (25C)
– 19 mAh at 9.0A load (30C)

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