1.2V AA 3000 mAh BTY NiMH Battery Tests

2 Dec


The 1.2V AA 3000 mAh BTY NiMH batteries are something that you may find in a lot of Chinese online stores as well as on eBay and what you will notice for sure with these batteries is that they are being sold very cheap for 3000 mAh capacity. These rechargeable AA batteries supposedly offer the very high capacity of 3000 mAh and the considering their very cheap price should raise an alarm, meaning that the capacity rating is most likely lower than advertised. It is always a wise idea to avoid getting such batteries, but we got a pack of four in order to be able to test them and see what is the actual capacity that these batteries are providing and how much it differs from the advertised 3000 mAh. We were prepared for nothing more than half the advertised capacity, but going through a Break-In mode on the MAHA C9000 Charger/Analyzer we were not prepared for such a disappointment. On the photo above you can see the minimum and maximum measured capacity of the pack of four batteries and you will get why we were so disappointed. In fact what we got as available capacity was as follows: 306 mAh, 334 mAh, 337 mAh and 373 mAh and that is from batteries that are being advertised as being able to provide 3000 mAh capacity, not worth buying these regardless of the price, hell they are not worth even if somebody gives them to you for free.

Avoid buying 1.2V AA 3000 mAh BTY NiMH batteries, they are really not worth it!!!

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5 Responses to 1.2V AA 3000 mAh BTY NiMH Battery Tests


December 2nd, 2013 at 23:23

I wonder, why on earth they bother to produce such a hip of crap cells. They are asking here about 1.31 dollars for one cell. I wouldn’t need them even if someone paid me to get them lol.


December 3rd, 2013 at 00:27

Somebody is obviously making money from them, selling thousands and thousands of these batteries to people that don’t know that they are simply not good for anything…


December 3rd, 2013 at 14:17

That’s true, but I think you will agree with me when I say: In the gold old times. This wasn’t happening. Thanks for your answer 🙂


December 3rd, 2013 at 17:39

Yes, or at least it was not so common. Now if you are not careful where and what you are buying you very easily can end up screwed with fake products like the BTY.

Peter @ PowerPax

December 5th, 2013 at 19:22

I hate these rechargeable batteries. Only a few are good anyways.

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