1.5V AAA Maxell Super Alkaline Battery Tests

12 Sep


The 1.5V AAA Maxell Super Alkaline batteries are supposedly better than standard Alkaline batteries that Maxell makes and are intended for high-drain devices according to the company. The batteries we’ve had for testing were with an expiration date of 01-2017 meaning that the shelf life is at least 4 years, though we are not exactly sure when these batteries were produced so it might also be 5 years. Anyway, let us see how good these 1.5V AAA size Alkaline batteries from Maxell perform in terms of useable capacity in our tests…


Starting our test of the 1.5V AAA Maxell Super Alkaline batteries as usual with a low constant current discharge rate of 0.1A we have managed to get 948 mAh as capacity and that is actually a very good result. Increasing the load to 0.2A and 0.3A the Maxell batteries do manage well, and even at 0.5A the useable capacity was still quite decent. In overall these Alkaline batteries seem to be doing quite well, but do not provide as much capacity as an Alkaline Duracell battery of the same type for example does (we use Duracell as a reference), so there is more to be desired.

The performance of the 1.5V AAA Maxell Super Alkaline batteries in our tests:

– 948 mAh at 0.1A load
– 572 mAh at 0.2A load
– 474 mAh at 0.3A load
– 253 mAh at 0.5A load

– 1.135 Wh at 0.1A load
– 0.675 Wh at 0.2A load
– 0.552 Wh at 0.3A load
– 0.282 Wh at 0.5A load

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