2S 7.4V 250 mAh Gens Ace 30C LiPo Battery Tests

8 Aug


The 2S 7.4V 250 mAh Gens Ace 30C LiPo batteries are compact batteries often used in small scale flying radio controlled models such as RC planes and helicopters. These small batteries have a pretty high discharge and charge ratings that we need to confirm in our tests. What is important to note for this particular battery is that it is a 2 cell battery, but there is no balance plug, only a JST discharge one that brings out the combined voltage from the two cells. While this normally should not be a big problem, not having a balance connector may shorten the life of the battery if the cells become more and more disbalanced over time.

Official Battery Specifications:

– Capacity: 250mAh
– Voltage: 7.4V
– Max Continuous Discharge: 30C (7.5A)
– Max Burst Discharge: 60C (15A)
– Weight: 18g
– Dimensions: 38,5mm*25,12mm*10,5mm
– Balance Plug: N/A
– Discharge Plug: JST
– Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max


Time for the actual tests, starting with a 1C discharge rate (0.25A) for the 2S 7.4V 250 mAh Gens Ace 30C LiPo battery we’ve managed to get 264 mAh as a maximum capacity which is a value a bit higher than the rated 250 mAh capacity for the battery, so definitely a good thing. Furthermore at up to 20C discharge rate the battery still manages to provide more than the rated 250 mAh capacity and at 25C and 30C the capacity you can get is just a bit less than 250, but still quite close to that value. So the 30C constant discharge rate is confirmed, however we’ve decided not to go for tests at up to 60C that the battery is supposedly able to handle. The reason for that is the fact that at 25C discharge rate the battery had a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius and at 30C it got up to 71 which is out of the safety zone for working temperature.

The performance of the 2S 7.4V 250 mAh Gens Ace 30C LiPo Battery in our tests:

– 264 mAh at 0.25A load (1C)
– 263 mAh at 1.25A load (5C)
– 261 mAh at 2.50A load (10C)
– 255 mAh at 3.75A load (15C)
– 255 mAh at 5.00A load (20C)
– 244 mAh at 6.25A load (25C)
– 234 mAh at 7.50A load (30C)

We can conclude that the 2S 7.4V 250 mAh Gens Ace 30C LiPo batteries are performing very good and meet their specs, the only thing to note is that if you are going to be pushing to their maximum you should make sure they are cooled properly (at 25C-30C discharge rates).

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